I will be your Voice in Madison

• Community Organizer

• Neighborhood Business Owner

• 35 Year Resident Of The 18th District

Dear Supporter,

The 18th District encompasses the near Northwest side of Milwaukee.

Although the boundaries are not linear, the district basically runs from Marquette

University to 60th Street, and I-94 to North Avenue, it then narrows from 51st Street

to 35th Street and goes to Capitol Drive. This is a very diverse, interesting and exciting

part of the City. It is loaded with great neighborhoods like Avenues West, Merrill Park,

Historic Concordia, Cold Spring Park, Linden Hill, The Valley, Martin Drive, Washington

Park, Washington Heights, and Sherman Park.

Over the past year and a half I think we all learned how important it is to pick the right


Last year when Governor Walker proposed his budget repair bill, I got upset.

My neighbors and I packed in our cars and drove to Madison so that our voices could

be heard. We demonstrated and marched around the Capital; we chanted and yelled

so that our voices would be heard by those in the building. They knew we were there,

more than 100,000 of us, but our voices were not heard. The bill passed, and so have a

long list of other bills that are devastating to our friends, neighbors and our very way of life.

We need strong representation at the State level. We need our voices to be heard.

I assure you, if I am elected to the State Assembly, your voice will be heard.

I will be your VOICE in Madison.

I have lived in this district for nearly all of my life, and I know the people of this community are good, hard working people who care about each other, their neighborhoods, and the City of Milwaukee. We need and want meaningful jobs and better schools. We want to live in safe, secure and friendly neighborhoods. We want to be proud to live in Milwaukee! These things are not too much to ask, and I intend to make sure that our community gets the resources that it needs to succeed and thrive.

Being a husband and a father of two boys who both attended Milwaukee public schools, I know and understand the challenges of raising a family in this city. I am a strong leader and problem-solver who has devoted my life to making Milwaukee a better place to live. The 18th District is my home. My mother lived in this district, and so did my grandmother. I am a neighborhood business owner who cares about Milwaukee, and I am deeply committed to improving this district.

You can help me make a difference.

I am up for the challenge, and ready to work hard to make our neighborhoods strong again. By supporting my campaign, you are making an important step in the right direction for all of Milwaukee. Please consider volunteering, or sending a contribution to my campaign either by mail, or by using ActBlue from this website.

Thank You,

Andrew Parker

Candidate for State Assembly

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